Every decision matters… 

Above poem signifies the importance of a decision in life. A decision, whether small or big, does matter. No decision in our life goes in vain. As in the poem every decision leads our gives our life a new twist. After a decision is taken then there is no turning back. So we should have the patience to think a hundred times before any decision is taken. Every decision has the power to both raise your life or to make you fall in your life.

God he’s given us the power to think not only to make life easier but also to make proper decisions to make life meaningful. Man should try to use the god given gift of intelligence for the welfare of mankind.Only this power to think has made us stand out from other organisms on this earth.

So man should think pragmatically and take the decisions that are life changing and are benefial for all. You can learn more about life on- http://greenyatra.org.

Hope you all like this post.


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