Who has to work???

Everybody smiles when he/she is given free facilities and wages without work.But the smile fades away when it comes to work.Most of us think work is something that is done only by the needy and poor.We think work is the must difficult thing in the world.Most of us don’t think it is important to work and often expect and desire to fulfill our needs withput working.None of us wants to work but still want a luxurious and happy life.A common thought associated with work is that

it is the person who is poor needs to work.

Why should I work?This is a quite common dialogue of a lazy person.A lazy person also wants to rest and enjoy all the riches but without any work. Althougg lazy persons enjoy their way of life,they don’t know the cons of laziness.

Life is not always a bed of roses but instead us an opportunity to learn something new. It’s like a bouquet full of chances to prove our real selves and our potentialities.

So the simplest answer to this question is that, “Everyone has to work”.

Only then could the human society prove,once again,that it is the best living society on thus Earth.

This post is the the speciality of this day.Because today it is- WORLD LABOUR DAY(1st May).


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